Quick Sale: Sell Your Home Fast and Hassle-Free!

Our Quick Sale service offers a streamlined, cash-based purchase method that eliminates waiting periods and uncertainty.

Are You Facing These Urgent Selling Situations?

  • Going through a divorce? The emotional and logistical complexities of divorce often necessitate a swift, straightforward property sale.


  • Experiencing a chain break? Avoid the frustration and uncertainty caused by chain breaks that jeopardise your moving plans.


  • Dealing with an inherited property? Managing an inherited home can be burdensome, especially if it’s distant or requires significant upkeep.


  • Facing financial difficulties? Quick access to cash from your property sale can be crucial in alleviating financial stress.


  • Relocating or emigrating soon? Secure a fast sale to focus on your move without the lingering worries of an unsold property.

What is Quick Sale?

Quick Sale is a service designed to buy homes directly from owners for cash, bypassing the usual selling channels. This approach significantly reduces the time and complexity involved in selling a property, providing homeowners with a quick, straightforward sale process

How Our Quick Sale Service Works

Contact Us

Reach out with your property details

Receive an Offer

We review your property and provide a fair, competitive cash offer


If you accept, we proceed with the paperwork and set a completion date that suits you.


Receive cash directly into your bank account and transfer property ownership to us

Is a Quick Sale Right for You?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, our Quick Sale service might be the ideal solution:

    • Divorce: Expedite the division of assets with a quick, uncomplicated sale.
    • Chain Break: Avoid the unpredictability of property chains to keep your moving plans on track.
    • Inheritance: Swiftly handle the sale of an inherited property, reducing legal and maintenance burdens.
    • Financial Difficulties: Secure a prompt sale to mitigate financial issues or prevent potential repossession.
    • Relocation/Emigration: Ensure a fast, effective property sale to facilitate your upcoming move abroad or across borders.

Quick Sale vs. Traditional Methods

  • Speed: Transactions can be completed in as little as a week, unlike months in traditional methods.


  • Convenience: No need for home staging, multiple viewings, or buyer negotiations.


  • Certainty: Cash offers provide financial certainty without dependency on buyer chain complexities.

Benefits of Quick Sale

  • Quick access to cash.


  • Reduced selling stress and complexity.


  • No estate agent fees or conveyancing costs.


  • Offers flexibility with moving out dates

Considerations of Quick Sale

  • Offers might be slightly lower than market value due to the speed and convenience.


  • Limited ability to negotiate once an offer is made.

With Quick Sale, selling your home becomes a straightforward, certain, and speedy process.

Say goodbye to the uncertainties and delays of the traditional property market.

Contact us today to get your no-obligation cash offer and move on to your next chapter with ease!

Client feedback...

“The transaction was far from straightforward but Mark was exemplary in overcoming a number of hurdles, taking a pragmatic and problem solving approach.”
Anthony B
“Liked the way Mark comes across as knowledgeable and ethical. Mark really got me through the bumps in the road.”
Judith R
“Mark broke it down into the most simplistic way. The best blessing I’ve had.”
Lola O
“Mark's incredible. Extremely knowledgeable, communicates in a clear and simple way and really proactive throughout the process.”
Dan E


A Quick Sale is a service where we buy your property directly for cash, bypassing traditional selling methods. This allows for a faster, smoother transaction process

You can sell your house in as little as 7 days, depending on your circumstances and how quickly you can proceed with the sale.

Offers are slightly below market value due to the speed, convenience, and certainty the service provides. However, the offer will be competitive and fair based on the current market conditions.

No, there are no fees for using our Quick Sale service. We cover all legal fees and there are no hidden charges.

We buy all types of properties, including houses, flats, and bungalows, regardless of their condition

Yes, we buy properties in any condition. You don’t need to spend any money on repairs or renovations before selling

You are under no obligation to proceed after accepting the offer. We understand circumstances can change and offer flexibility if you decide not to continue with the sale

Unlike selling through an agent, Quick Sale ensures a faster transaction without the need for advertising, staging, or waiting for potential buyers. It eliminates uncertainty, with no risk of the sale falling through due to buyer chain issues

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