Struggling To Sell Your Property?

Discover how our Assisted Sales service can not only speed up your selling process but also potentially increase your property’s sale price.

Are You Facing These Common Selling Challenges?

  • Is Your Property Just Sitting on the Market? You’re not alone if your home has been on the market for months without attracting serious buyers.


  • Are the Offers Too Low? If you’re disappointed by the offers coming in—nowhere near what you need financially—we can help.


  • Does Your Property Need Work? Maybe your property could fetch a better price, but you can’t afford the necessary renovations. That’s where we step in.


  • Tired of Dealing with Estate Agents? If you’ve tried multiple agents and still haven’t found success, our Assisted Sales approach could be the solution.
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What Exactly is an Assisted Sale?

An Assisted Sale is a collaborative approach to selling your property. We partner with you, using our 20+ years of experience, to guarantee a minimum sale price and share the profits after enhancing and selling your property. It’s about making your property’s sale as quick and profitable as possible.

How Our Assisted Sales Work

Initial Assessment

We start by inspecting your property to check if it qualifies for Assisted Sales.

Guaranteed Price

Once we determine it's a fit, we’ll offer you a guaranteed price that you'll receive once the property sells

Enhancements on Us

We take care of everything from minor touch-ups to full renovations, all aimed at achieving the highest sale price.

Profit Sharing

After covering the costs, we split the remaining profit according to a pre-agreed percentage. You always get your guaranteed price first

Is Assisted Sales Right for You?

  • Perfect for Renovation-Needy Properties: Ideal if your property needs a facelift to shine on the market.


  • Solutions for Stagnant Listings: Transform how your property is seen by prospective buyers.


  • Financial Goals Within Reach: Especially useful if you’re under financial pressure to meet specific targets.


  • Landlords with Tired Rentals: Refresh your rental properties to maximize their market value.
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Assisted Sales vs. Traditional Estate Agency

  • Proactive and Collaborative: Unlike traditional agents, we invest directly in your property to maximize its value and ensure a quicker sale.


  • Financial Guarantees: We offer a guaranteed sale price, providing you with financial security and peace of mind.


  • Our Investment, Your Gain: We handle all the enhancements, so you don’t have to pay anything until your property sells.

Benefits of Choosing Assisted Sales

  • Maximize Sale Price: Leverage our expertise to sell your home for more.


  • Zero Initial Investment: We cover all upfront costs, reducing your financial burden.


  • Expert Guidance: Gain from our extensive experience to navigate the selling process with ease

Considerations of Assisted Sales

  • Profit Sharing: Remember, while we share the uplift, not all the additional revenue goes directly to you.


  • Property Suitability: Not all properties are suitable for this service.


  • Dependent on Market Conditions: The final sale price is influenced by current market dynamics, even with improvements.

Ready to transform your selling experience with minimal hassle and maximum return? 

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Client feedback...

“The transaction was far from straightforward but Mark was exemplary in overcoming a number of hurdles, taking a pragmatic and problem solving approach.”
Anthony B
“Liked the way Mark comes across as knowledgeable and ethical. Mark really got me through the bumps in the road.”
Judith R
“Mark broke it down into the most simplistic way. The best blessing I’ve had.”
Lola O
“Mark's incredible. Extremely knowledgeable, communicates in a clear and simple way and really proactive throughout the process.”
Dan E


No. With the Assisted Sale service, we work with you to sell you property. We leverage our 20yrs experience to do what needs to be done to your property to ensure it achieves the best price in the shortest amount of time. 

In some instances yes we will. However, not all properties need to be fully refurbished to achieve maximum value. In some instances a light refurb might needed or simple staging might even be enough. Whatever needs to be done will be discussed in advance and we’ll cover the cost entirely

No. We prefer the property to be vacant as this gives us the best chance of being able to deliver a consistent experience to people viewing the property when work’s have been completed. 

There’s NO FEE for our Assisted Sale service. We make our money from the uplift we’re able to generate from the price we guarantee you’ll get at the beginning.

We will always ensure that the property sells. This may mean accepting less uplift from the sale or in some cases we’ll even buy it ourselves. Whatever happens, you will always achieve the price we agree at the start of the process.

The Assisted Sale service is a formal contract between you and us and both parties will be represented legally to ensure everything is secure, understood and you’re protected. We’ll even cover your legal costs! 

Depending on the amount of work we need to put into the deal, it could take as little as a few weeks or it could take longer if we need to do more extensive works. It’s in both our interests to get your property sold as quickly as possible though, so rest assured that’s our aim too. 

We’ll cover all holding costs apart from your mortgage payments. This includes Council Tax, gas, electric and water.

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Discover how our Assisted Sales service can not only speed up your selling process but also potentially increase your property’s sale price.