Secure Your Rental Income with Our
Assisted Rent™ Service

Our Assisted Rent service offers you a guaranteed monthly income, total property management, and even a share in enhanced rental profits

Are You Facing These Common Landlord Challenges?

  • Overwhelmed by Management? Do you find yourself swamped with the day-to-day responsibilities of managing your property?


  • Worried About Unpredictable Income? Are you struggling with the financial uncertainty caused by rental voids and unreliable tenants?


  • Frustrated with Maintenance Costs? Does the constant need for repairs and upkeep drain your time and resources?


  • Concerned About Legal Compliance? Are you anxious about keeping up with rental regulations and avoiding legal pitfalls?

What is Assisted Rent™?

Assisted Rent™ is a service tailored for landlords who prefer not to deal with the daily operations of their properties. We offer a fixed monthly rental income, handle all management and maintenance, and pay up to six months’ rent in advance. Plus, we share any additional profit made from optimizing and diversifying your property’s rental strategy.

How Our Assisted Rent™ Service Works

Initial Property Evaluation

We assess your property to determine the optimal rental strategy

Fixed Income Agreement

Agree on a fixed monthly rent that you find satisfactory.

Property Uplift

We enhance your property’s appeal and functionality, potentially changing its rental model to maximise income

Stress-Free Management

We manage everything—tenants, maintenance, compliance—ensuring you receive your fixed rent without any hassles

Who Benefits from Assisted Rent™?

  • Retiring Landlords: Enjoy your retirement with a steady income stream without the management worries.


  • Busy Professionals: Focus on your career without rental distractions.


  • Previously Disappointed Landlords: Experience a truly hands-off service unlike any traditional letting agency.

Assisted Rent™ vs. Traditional Letting Agents

  • Guaranteed vs. Uncertain Income: We ensure your income is steady and guaranteed, unlike the fluctuating incomes with traditional rentals.


  • Hands-off vs. Hands-on: We take over all responsibilities, whereas traditional agents might still require your involvement.

Benefits of Choosing Assisted Rent™

  • Guaranteed Monthly Income: Enjoy the security of knowing exactly what you will earn each month.


  • No Management Hassles: We handle all aspects of property management, from tenant issues to maintenance and legal compliance.


  • Profit Sharing: Benefit from any additional profits generated from innovative rental strategies

Considerations of Assisted Rent™

  • Contract Commitment: Typically involves a commitment of up to three years.


  • Hands-off Approach: Ideal for those who prefer not to be involved in day-to-day management.

Transform the way you rent out your property with our Assisted Rent service.

Secure your income, eliminate management stress, and potentially earn more without lifting a finger.

Contact us today to see if your property qualifies for Assisted Rent!

Client feedback...

“The transaction was far from straightforward but Mark was exemplary in overcoming a number of hurdles, taking a pragmatic and problem solving approach.”
Anthony B
“Liked the way Mark comes across as knowledgeable and ethical. Mark really got me through the bumps in the road.”
Judith R
“Mark broke it down into the most simplistic way. The best blessing I’ve had.”
Lola O
“Mark's incredible. Extremely knowledgeable, communicates in a clear and simple way and really proactive throughout the process.”
Dan E


Assisted Rent is our innovative service designed for landlords who prefer not to handle the day-to-day management of their rental properties. We guarantee a fixed monthly income, take care of all property management tasks, and even share the profits from any increased rental income resulting from strategic improvements and management

We calculate the fixed rent based on a comprehensive assessment of your property, considering factors like location, condition, market trends, and the potential rental income after any proposed enhancements. This ensures a competitive rent that is agreeable and beneficial to both parties

You will still receive your fixed monthly income regardless of occupancy or tenant payment issues. We absorb the risk of vacancies and non-paying tenants, ensuring you have consistent and reliable income

No, there are no upfront costs for landlords when you join our Assisted Rent program. We handle all aspects of property management and any associated costs, including maintenance and potential improvements

The terms of early termination are outlined in the initial agreement. While we strive for flexibility, we typically have conditions in place to manage such requests fairly, ensuring minimal disruption for both parties

Our experienced team manages all aspects of legal compliance, including tenancy agreements, landlord obligations, and dispute resolution. We ensure that your property adheres to all current regulations, shielding you from potential legal issues

Improvements can range from cosmetic upgrades, such as new paint and fixtures, to more significant changes like reconfiguring spaces to maximize rental potential. All intended improvements will be discussed and agreed upon with you before any work begins

We have a dedicated team to handle all maintenance issues and emergencies. We coordinate with reliable contractors to address repairs promptly and maintain the property in excellent condition, ensuring tenant satisfaction and compliance with all housing standards

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