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At Huntwells, we revolutionise the approach to property management and sales, setting ourselves apart from traditional estate agents with over two decades of industry expertise and uniquely tailored solutions. Specialising in Assisted Sales and our innovative Assisted Rent service, our mission is to maximise your property’s potential while stripping away the usual stresses and strains associated with the property market.

At Huntwells, we’re committed to forging lasting relationships based on trust and transparency. Unlike traditional agencies, your success is our top priority, and our proactive, client-centred approach ensures that we meet your property needs with the utmost professionalism and integrity. From boosting your rental yields to increasing your property’s market value, Huntwell Property Group stands as your premier partner in the real estate sector.

Our Quick Sale service offers a rapid and straightforward way to sell your property, providing a fair price and a hassle-free process. Ideal for those who need to move quickly, this service ensures you can convert your property into cash with minimal delay. Click to discover how you can benefit from our efficient selling approach.

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Innovative Assisted Sales set us apart from conventional estate agents. We collaborate closely with property sellers to secure the highest possible selling price. By managing everything from targeted enhancements to dynamic marketing strategies, we not only ensure a competitive sale price but also share any extra profits, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership with every client.

Our Unique Assisted Rent service redefines property rental, offering a hands-off experience that traditional letting agents can’t match. Designed for landlords who prefer not to deal with the day-to-day demands of property management, this service guarantees a fixed monthly income, covers all property maintenance, and even shares profits from enhanced rental strategies. This approach allows landlords to enjoy the benefits of property investment without the hassle.

Our Specialist Property Management service, managed by investors for investors, offers unparalleled expertise in maximizing profits and minimizing costs through high-quality property management. Tailored for landlords who demand the best in tenant relations and property maintenance, this service ensures your investment is optimally managed. Click to learn how our investor-focused approach can enhance your property’s value and refine your experience as a landlord.

With nearly two decades of property industry experience, Mark Dunsmore has transformed countless challenges into opportunities. Founder of an award-winning property consultancy and one of Leeds’ most successful property management departments, Mark specialises in innovative solutions that maximise profits and expedite sales. Discover how Mark’s extensive agency and consultancy experience can unlock your property’s full potential.

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